Welcome to the Cohutta Tribe Webpage! 

Creekside School Mission

To provide quality teaching and learning experiences through a rigorous and relevant curriculum anchored in a foundation of authentic relationships.

Harris County School System Mission Statement 

The mission of othe Harris County School District, the foundational rock upon which futures are built, is to ensure each student succeeds in life, through a system distinguished by:  

  • students that advance at their own pace through nontraditional pathways
  • student-driven project-based learning
  • teachers empowered to be creative facilitators
  • the use of state-of-the-art technology to become global learners
  • authentic assessment aligned with real world experiences
  • the use of our community as a support system 
  • Grading Categories for 5th grade

    10% Homework

    20% Weekly Tests, Chapter Tests, Quizzes

    60% Classwork

    10% Nine Weeks Exams, Projects, Critical Assignments


Smoke Signals from the Cohutta Tribe Warriors!!

Our Tribe name is Cohutta.  From the information that we have found from several sources, including the Georgia Genealogy Trails, this name comes from the Cherokee meaning "mountains that uphold the sky.” We have high expectations for our students to become like mountains - productive citizens who value and uphold high standards and ideals both academically and morally.

Cohutta Tribe News

Cohutta 5th Grade Supply List


  • 4 composition notebooks (NO SPIRAL) (labeled with Sharpie marker: Reading/ELA; Math; Social Studies; Science)
  • 1&1/2" 3-ring binder - it might be a good idea to purchase a durable binder as we will be using this all year (set up binders before 1st day of school; directions are as follows:  use dividers to divide notebook into subject areas: reading/ELA; Math; Science; Soc. St.; Homework.  Each section should have at least 2 sheet protectors behind the labeled dividers.  There should also be at least 2 sheet protectors at the front of the binders.) 
  • 2 package of 8 dividers (leave remainder at home or stick at back of binders)
  • sheet protectors (25 pack) (leave remainder at home, binders should already be set up)
  • pencils/pens/highlighters
  • notebook paper - this is needed throughout the year 
  • colored pencils (No Markers-they seep through the paper to the desktop)
  • glue sticks
  • flexible/zipper pencil pouches

 PLEASE NO Rolling Bookbags - will not fit in lockers

PLEASE NO Large Binders, Trapper Keepers, or similar Notebooks

Due to the ease and speed with which germs spread, it will be greatly appreciated if you are able to provide any of these for us. Naturally, these items will need to be replenished during the school year.  

  • hand sanitizer 
  • facial tissues
  • Clorox™ wipes, Lysol™ wipes, etc 
  • roll of paper towels

 Optional items for use in the classroom: (do not label these items as they will be used for the class)

  • Expo markers/erasers 
  • cap erasers/extra pencils
  • paperplates/spoons/forks
  • any kind of office supplies that might come in handy in a classroom  


Supplies Needed for the Clinic:  cough drops