Fourth Grade

Lesson 1: The Hot and Cold Summer
Realistic Fiction

Robust Vocabulary: pact, queasy, foisted, venture, annoyed, depriving

Spelling Words: pact, brand, brick, crop, broad, tread, film, else, gram, gum, dread, spend, past, plot, check, split, sting, strap, task, twin
Challenge Words: gingerly, penguin, ditch, lecture, pleasure

Lesson 2: Mighty Jackie

Robust Vocabulary: legendary, muttered, gaped, flinched, snickering, glared, stunned, fluke

Spelling Words: cheese, heel, season, boast, chief, gape, aim, brain, fluke, crayon, eagle, throw, rose, student, goal, woke, ripen, cube, rainbow, scrape
Challenge Words: teenage, obedience, bowling, league, migraine

Lesson 3: Danitra Brown Leaves Town
Narrative Poetry

Robust Vocabulary: surrender, particular, sparkling, clusters, sizzles, stroll

Spelling Words: toil, faucet, boyhood, choice, dawn, awful, foist, daughter, flaw, annoyed, royal, allow, destroy, blew, spoon, shampoo, brown, renew, wooden, auction
Challenge: boulevard, browse, cashew, moonbeam, laundry

Lesson 4: Kai's Journey to Gold Mountain
Historical Fiction

Robust Vocabulary: averted, fury, interrogation, stern, accusing, solemnly, cringed, craned

Spelling Words: counting, craned, seemed, burned, chopped, cracked, begged, moving, slipped, sailing, trimmed, shopping, returned, watching, pushed, visited, cringed, screamed, scratching, flapping
Challenge Words: hovered, grabbed, realizing, accusing, nudged

Lesson 5: Pedro Puts On a Play
Realistic Fiction

Robust Vocabulary: culinary, downcast, consternation, vivid, extensive, serenely, reminiscent, pensive, recruit, commenced

Review Spelling Words: tread, broad, split, chief, season, brain, throw, goal, scrape, choice, allow, auction, flaw, daughter, destroy, renew, boyhood, returned, chopped, counting

Lesson 6: On the Banks of Plum Creek
Historical Fiction

Robust Vocabulary: responsible, darted, jostling, swerved, attentive, pounced, contradicting

Spelling Words: circle, angle, cradle, ladle, castle, ruffle, juggle, ankle, battle, candle, fable, riddle, icicle, sparkle, jungle, tangle, marble, sizzle, paddle, handle
Challenge Words: meddle, drizzle, speckle, vehicle, hurtle

Lesson 7: Justin and the

Best Biscuits in the World
Genre: Realistic Fiction

Robust Vocabulary:  reluctant, rumpled, surge, inspecting, taut, untangled, resounded, lurked

Spelling Words:  letter, ladder, appear, lesson, soccer, classic, hollow, supper, accent, pizza, officer, lettuce, better, slipper, bottom, ribbon, summer, college, occur, rabbit  
Challenge Words: lullaby, hurriedly, issue, scattered, happiness

Lesson 8: Three Little Cyberpigs  

RobustVocabulary:  slick, impressed, cease, exist, fierce, nimble

Spelling Words: history, number, company, window, welcome, blanket, perhaps, service, subject, thunder, furnish, jersey, mother, secret, harvest, winter, problem, chapter, nurses Challenge Words: terminals, costumes, curtail, version, tonsils

Lesson 9: Weaving a California Tradition
Expository Nonfiction

Robust Vocabulary:  unique, infest, intervals, delicate, flexible, bond, inspires, preserve

Spelling Words  monster, complete, hundred, exchange, sandwich, surprise, applause, although, conflict, mattress, purchase, merchant, pumpkin, angry, Thursday, ostrich, punctual, address, chestnut, luncheon
Challenge Words: implication, enterprise, comprehend, bolster, mongrel

Lesson 10: Emerald's Eggs  
Informational Narrative

Robust Vocabulary: comprehend, pliable, solitary, scan, vulnerable, exuberant, mature, lumbers, encircle, nurture

Review Spelling Words: castle, handle, ruffle, icicle, fable, appear, soccer, hollow, classic, college, accent, service, jersey, mother, problem, subject, complete, mattress, purchase, luncheon

Lesson 11: Mimicry and Camoflage  
Expository Nonfiction

Robust Vocabulary: predators, traits, lure, avoid, mimic, obvious, resembles, deceptive

Spelling Words:  begin, vanish, bonus, legal, event, moment, motive, native, suburb, mimic, paper, pilot, raven, rival, relish, silent, solar, spider, super, virus  
Challenge Words:  basis, enemy, balance, chemical, fiber

Lesson 12: Mountains  
Expository Nonfiction

Robust Vocabulary: eruption, depths, gradually, revealed, constant, contract, immediate

Spelling Words:  reuse, restart, retell, resend, replace, uncork, unstuck, unannounced, unpleasant, unchain, unfit, nonprofit, nonmetal, recall, nontoxic, unwelcome, reproduce, retrace, uninvited, reapply
Challenge Words:  unchanging, refinish, unyielding, nonexistent, reprogram

Lesson 13: Firestorm
Realistic Fiction

Robust Vocabulary: teacherous, drudgery, plunge, smoldering, altered, scoffed, skeptically, discouraged

Spelling Words:  likable, removable, printable, adorable, comfortable, durable, usable, invisible, responsible, darkness, tidiness, silliness, excitement, government, requirement, loneliness, harmless, hopeless, fearless, horrible  
Challenge Words: wilderness, relentless, feasible, irritable advertisement

Lesson 14: The Stranger  

Robust Vocabulary: fascinated, occasionally timid, hermit, peculiar, drab, trembling, dashed

Spelling Words:  apron, button, canyon, certain, chicken, cardigan, cotton, dragon, even, fountain, gallon, horizon, listen, orphan, pardon, pollen, prison, siren, swollen, driven Challenge Words: dolphin, opinion, oxygen, veteran, option

Lesson 15: The Adventurers   Genre: Informational Narrative

Robust Vocabulary: seasoned, guidance, intrepid, undoubtedly, cherish, hoist, delectable, pristine, fragile, privilege

Review Spelling Words:  event, rival, solar, moment, unannounced, reuse, retrace, unpleasant, nonmetal, likable, comfortable, horrible, invisible, loneliness, requirement, fearless, cotton, listen, fountain, orphan

Lesson 16: So You Want To Be An Inventor?   Genre: Narrative Nonfiction

Robust Vocabulary: tinker, hoaxer, trampled, forged, perfect, quest, barriers

Spelling Words:  tropical, animal, April, arrival, trample, bottle, camel, capital, couple, swivel, festival, gentle, level, national, normal, tremble, puddle, rebel, single, tunnel   Challenge Words:  civil, snorkel, double, dribble, original

Lesson 17: Just Like Me   Genre: Autobiographies

Robust Vocabulary: graceful, exotic, mischievous, brilliant, participate, ancestors

Spelling Words: lunar, cellar, collar, corner, danger, director, doctor, dollar, tinker, finger, honor, horror, labor, master, motor, ancestor, checkers, power, regular, sugar, contractor, cellular, hamburger, pasture, inventor Challenge Words:  graceful, exotic, mischievous, brilliant, participate, ancestors

Lesson 18:  Hewitt Anderson's Great Big Life Genre: Fairy Tale

Robust Vocabulary: vast, bountiful, stature, relentless, roused, resourceful, intentions, inadvertently

Spelling Words: overactive, overbite, overboard, overdrive, overestimate, overhand, overheat, overpass, overreact, underline, underbrush, underdeveloped, undergo, underhand, underpass, underscore, underwater, submarine, subway, overact   Challenge Words: undertow, overlook, overwhelmed, subcommittee, subarctic

Lesson 19: Juan Verdades   Genre: Folktale

Robust Vocabulary: magnificent, insisted, declared, confidently, distressed, gloated, anxiously

Spelling Words: babies' baby's, child's, children, classes', class's, sheep, feet, elk, fish, fishes', goose's, eese, jeans, mouse's, mice, teeth, women, woman's, moose   Challenge Words: crossroads,family's, headquarters, person's, people's

Lesson 20: The Case of the Too-Hot Apple Cider   Genre: Mystery

Robust Vocabulary: ominous, confound, miserable, gracious, beams. self-assurance, monitor, exposed, installed, looming

Review Spelling Words: arrival, gentle, national, single, level, collar, doctor, checkers, power, overboard, overheat, underbrush, undergo, subway, sheep, class's, fishes', women, jeans, fish

Lesson 21: Because of Winn-Dixie   Genre: Realistic Fiction

Robust Vocabulary: consisted, prideful, intends, snatched, select, recalls

Spelling Words: assistant, consultant, coolant, defendant, radiant, disinfectant, ignorant, absorbent, confident, different, engineer, activist, cyclist, motorist, pianist, typist, comedian, electrician, librarian, musician   Challenge Words: puppeteer, occupant, technician, relevant, pertinent  

Lesson 22: My Diary from Here to There Genre: Diary

Robust Vocabulary: journey, burst, opportunities, huddle, comforted, recognizes

Spelling Words: incomplete, indirect, indent, instead, include, inexact, infamous, outbid, outbreak, outcast, outdated, outdoor, downfall, downhill, downpour, downstairs, update, upfront, uphill, upwind Challenge Words: inexpensive, involuntary, outpatient, upstage, downplay

Lesson 23: The Cricket In Times Square   Genre: Fantasy

Robust Vocabulary: forlornly, fidget, pathetic, resolved, scrounging, noble, stingy, suspision

Spelling Words: decoration, abbreviation, admiration, association, aviation, civilization, declaration, addition, compostion, preposition, abdominal, proposal, rendition, disposal, emotional, environmental, denial, facial, judicial, testimonial Challenge Words: superficial, repetition, conversation, approximation, international

Lesson 24: Mangrove Wilderness   Genre: Expository Nonfiction

Robust Vocabulary: advantage, extract, remarkable, suitable, withstant, stealthy

Spelling Words:  additional, beautifully, blissfully, boastfully, carefully, cheerfully, colorfully, educational, effortlessly, endlessly, guiltlessly, joyfully, meaningfully, playfully restfully, respectfully, childishness, truthfully, usefully, powerfully Challenge Words: occasionally, blamelessness, sentimentally, gleefulness, motionlessly

Lesson 25: Welcome to Chinatown   Genre: Travel Show

Robust Vocabulary: destinations, aspects, vigorously, reconstruct, gorgeous, festive, ornate, symbolize, expectantly, misfortune

Review Spelling Words: radiant, confident, engineer, typist, electrician, inexact, outdated, downfall, upfront, upwind, admiration, addition, emotional, abdominal, testimonial, decoration, effortlessly, meaningfully, truthfully, carefully

Lesson 26: Dragons and Dinosaurs Genre: Expository Nonfiction

Robust Vocabulary: contraption, roamed, massive, submerged, elegant, obstacles, complicated, eerie

Spelling Words: subtle, scene, climbed, comb, exhibit, doubt, folks, exhaust, half, whistle, islant, lamb, numb, often, rustle, debt, knack, thumb, unknown, mortgage Challenge Words: handsome, rhyme, thorough, cheetah, cupboard

Lesson 27: Grand Canyon A Trail Through Time Genre: Narrative Nonfiction

Robust Vocabulary: ancient, distant, sentries, glistens, embedded, cascading, weary, eroding

Spelling Words: respect, inspect, spectacle, spectator, spectrum, specific, construct, destruction, instruct, structure, autograph, photograph, phonics, telegraph, paragraph, visor, visitor, visual, visible, television Challenge Words: envision, telecast, graphite, spectacular, retrospect

Lesson 28: The Bunyans   Genre: Tall Tale

Robust Vocabulary: behemoth, cordially, hearty, fanciful, scenic, colossal, illusion

Spelling Words: there, they're, their, sent, scent, hour, our, seam, seem, plain, plane, piece, peace, two, too, to, whole, hole, pail, pale Challenge Words: chord, cord, heir, morning, mourning

Lesson 29: John Muir and Stickeen   Genre: Historical Fiction

Robust Vocabulary: dedicated, determined, dainty, coddled, pitful, endured, memorable

Spelling Words: impatiently, disapperance, unhappily, unnaturally, refreshment, mistakenly, nonrefundable, remarkable, unlikely, unpleasantly, disagreement, inaccurately, incorrectly, irreversible, repayment, uneasily, unhealthy, unusually, misguidance, refillable Challenge Words: reenlistment, reassurance, ineptness, unseasonable, unscuccessful

Lesson 30: Discovering the Arocha Genre: Informational Narrative

Robust Vocabulary: distinguished, verify, discern, dubious, descend, frantically, estimate, vicinity, abruptly, scrutinize

Review Spelling Words:  scene, numb, rustle, debt, knack, specific, phonics, destruction, paragraph, sent, scent, pail, pale, to, too, two, inaccurately, repayment, misguidance, unusually






Vocabulary Words:  catalogs, ditch, doe, stoop, tense, thigh, thump, trace, warden, witness, belches, decency, jowls, lare, nourish, gunny sack, pneumonia, suspicious, commences, envy, moody, omission, quavery, mash, nuzzling, stethoscope, snitching, witness, rural, urban, buckshot, gristmill, groveling

Halloween Spelling Words:

Halloween, coffin, vampire, skeleton, witch, haunted, pumpkins, spooky, scary, frightened, scarecrow, graveyard, ghost, goblins, phantom, werewolf, costumes, eerie, warlock,  cemetery, trick-or-treat, ghoulish, bizarre, potion, tombstone, masks, October, howl, jack-o-latern, mummy




Spelling and Vocabulary for Fourth Grade is currently under construction. Please come back later.