Links for Learning
 Check out these links for safe educational sites:

B.J. Pinchbeck Homework Help
Over 700 links in all subject areas through Discovery School.
Fact Monster
A subject directory that helps students locate specific information from current events to weather and sports. A daily feature, polls, word quizzes, "Today in History", analogies, and people assist students to locate the facts they need. The Homework Center is one part of this multi-faceted site.
GALILEO Georgia Library Learning Online
Full text services for journals and newspapers. Use the "Kid's Stuff" to find student friendly sources. Contact the Media Center if you want the current password.
Kids Connect
Need help with homework? Volunteer librarians will respond in 2 days to your questions.
Reference Desk
Fast Facts-A comprehensive directory of almanacs, maps, dictionaries, thesauri, encyclopedias, grammar sites, magazines, journals, quotations, statistics, current events, news sources, weather, weights, measures, and other useful information.